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Electrode life is very important in the resistance welding. Electrode life is affected by many factors; material characteristic, Manufacturing Process, shape, welding condition and panel material.

TSM has been manufacturing the electrodes establishment and been devoting ourselves to make "durable electrode" by giving the excellent engineering technique to superior materials.
We make electrodes according to your needs, and we choose the best material for your maximum satisfaction.

  • TSM secondary cables for resistance welding are developed and manufactured in accordance with the following goals.
  • Reduction of reactance drop in the cable between the transformer and the gun.
  • Creation of cables that have superlative handling and heat resistance characteristics.
  • Achievement of long life and the ability to withstand repeated flexing and electromagnetics kick.
  • Achievement of superlative cooling efficiency for extended periods of continuous use.
  • Concern for structures that allow easy replacement and Inspection for safety.
  • Development of superlative products that can withstand heat, pressure and abrasion.
  • Since secondary cables must be replaced regularly, reduction of the cost of the product.
  • Thorough quality control to assure user satisfaction.