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Micro-processor Weld Timer

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SKU Code: TNS-815V2
  • Automation correspondence
    While welding, change of 15 conditions is possible
    From long way electric current adjustment is possible with analog input, (option)
    Analog output of measurement electric current is possible, (option)
  • It corresponds to wide-ranging work 
    Electrification mode passes 3, strength, intermittence
    and continuation
  • Registration data are defended from wrong operation
  • Easy operation 



Model TNS-815V2
  Standard set of current control  Constant current control by
secondary feedback
Constant current control by
primary feedback
  Maximum welding schedules 15
  Welding current control Intermittence, Strength and Contination

  While welding the control which 

  can be changed from outside

#2 Welding schedules (15 channels)
While welding the control which can
be changed from outside
  Analog output of welding current 0-10VDC #2
 Main setting range  Current 1.2.3
  Weld time 1.2.3 0-99 cycles
  Cool time 1 0-9 cycles
  Cool time 2 0-99 cycles
 Constant current control accuracy

±4% of welding largest electric current

Speed of response, 1 cycle

  Output for solenoid valve AC 100V 0.5A / AC 200 V 0.5A
  Power supply Control 90-110V  ±10% 50/60HZ / 190-210V  ±10% 50/60HZ
Welding 160-240V/320-480V 50/60Hz
  Mass  5.2 kg
  Dimensions (WxHxD) 106 x 350 x 275mm 360 x 106 x 275mm
  Toroidal coil 1 -
#1 It can do welding by secondary constant current with the installation of toroidal coil. (Option)
#2 The installation of the separate baseplate is necessary. (Option)
• As for the electrode drive curcuit it is not built in to the Micro-Computer control devices and Contactor.
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