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Aircraft, Jet Engine & Aerospace Welding

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SP & SM 3-phase Secondary Rectified DC Welding machines are designed to meet the highest standards of resistance welding in the Aircraft & Aerospace industries.
Spot and Seam welding machines from 75kVA up to 600kVA are available.
3 phase machines offer numerous advantages over less efficient single phase machines:
Fully balanced loading over the incoming mains supply
Power Factor approaching .95
Reduced load on mains supply
No inductive losses
Improved electrode life
Quality welds using both steel and non-ferrous materials
Less heat influence on components - less deformation
Higher seam welding speeds
1. The Force System
The Low inertia weld force system uses double acting frictionless diaphragm cylinders ranging from 20kN or 30kN
2. The Machine Frame
All frames comprise a robust fabricated structure, containing integral reinforcing elements to absorb loads, whilst minimising deflection, which is vital for precision welding.
3. The Transformer Power Unit
This has 3 matched single phase transformers arranged to provide a non-magnetically interlinked system and primary winding in a delta connection.
Standard Power units are available from 75Kva - 600Kva
Other power units to meet other applications can be designed and manufactured