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High Speed Seam Welding Robot

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• Handles 3D shapes

• Super fast welding surpasses laser speeds

• Consistent welding even at low pressure

• High efficiency for energy savings

• Synchronized rotation of electrodes

• Electrode wear compensation function

• Welding parameter coordinated to speed

• Electrode speed compensation according to thickness of steel sheet

• Super compact and highly efficient MF transformer

• Long-iife special housing (power supply unit)

• Non-slip welding with dual electrode operation


Newly Developed MF Transformer

Proprietary transformer for controlling current for welding

Capacitance: 70 kVA

Transformers available from 70 kVA to 220 kVA

Conventional model 40kg

Developed Product 9kg


Standard System Configuration

No. Name of Product Model
1. Robot*1 ST210F-01
2. Robot Controller AX20-0000
3. Seam Welder RS-0910510
4. Welding Controller AH-FFHC-640
5. Included Equipment (air and cooling water equipment) -
6. Electrode Wear Detection LS E0516298D2
7. Cable (robot / welder) -
8. Electrode grinder*2 090990
9. Electrode grinder cable*2 -
10. Items provided by customer -

*1 : Robot models may change due to specifications of welder, layout, and other considerations.

*2: Optional setting.


Example of seam welding applications