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Air Rod Feeder

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If you want to reduce costs by using aconsiderably low-priced nut feeder at the time of introduction 

The characteristics of this Nut Feeder 

• The Air Rod Feeder is extremely low in price because of its simple design. 
• Unlike a nut-piercing feeding system and permanent magnet and electric magnet feeding system, the Air Rod Feeder retains and feeds the nuts by air blow from the tip of the rod. Air turns off 1 Omm short of guide pin and nut moves onto guide pin. 
• Supply unit is possible to installed with the angle from 15° to 60° because the nuts are retained by air. 
• Since the nuts are retained by air, the supply stroke can be extended to 400mm. 
• A sequencer is used for controlling feeder. 

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Specification for Air Rod Feeder