A.C. Inverter Control Devices

  • High quality actualizing welding
    Spattering control effect
    Showing power in the plated steel sheet
    Strength electrification of welding current is possible
  • Automation correspondence
    While change of 127 conditions welding, possibility.
    Welding current can be control long way by analog signal
  • Improvement of welding speed
    Can be cooling time control ‘mm/second’ short cycle
  • Decrease of Flicker
    Three phase circuits bala


Model   AIT-826-3B  AIT-846-3B
  Input power source  Voltage (Three phase 50/60Hz) 200/220V ±10% 400/440V ±10%
  Output Voltage (1 phase) 300V (Crest value at time
of 220V input
600V (Crest value at 
time of 440V input
Rated capacity 214kVA 429kVA
Maximum capacity 240kVA 480kVA
Frequency 50/60Hz Automatic setting #1
Current / Approved activity ratio 800A/40%
  Current Control Primary constant current #2
  Setting of welding condition 127 conditions
  Electrification mode Intermittence,Strength, Continuation 3 sorts
  While welding the control which

  can be changed from outside

Welding condition (127 conditions)
Welding on/off
It can increase and decrease electric
current with the analog signal
  Rool spot mode  Possibility (One-shot electrification)
  Principal setting range Welding current 1.2 400~9990A/2.0~80.0kA
Welding time 1.2 0-99 cycle
Cooling time 1.2 0-99 cycle/0.000~2.000 second
  Repeatability accuracy ±3% of largest electric current of welding machine
  Setting accuracy ±5% of largest electric current of welding machine
  Solennoid valve drive output AC100V/DC24V 2 circuits
  Amount of cooling water 5L7min
  Mass 63kg
  Dimensions (WxHxD) 460 x 850 x 360mm
  Accessory Program Box TP-70
Cable for program box CBB-05B
#1 With manual operation it can set frequency to maximum of 180Hz.
#2 Constant current control is possible even on downstream with the installation of Troidal ciol. (Optional)
• The electrode drive control circuits is not built in, preparation you ask with the customer.
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