AC Welding Controller TNS-815 V2

• Simple Operation

• Multiple Heats & Pulsation

• Single & Dual Gun Operation

• Built On Spot & Job counter




With the help of Large Display panel Set Parameters and Monitored Data can be continuously viewed which helps operator manage the welding process.


Error Display

Error number will be displayed on the Display panel along with error alarm. Description of the error is mentioned on the face plate which helps operator resolve the problem instantly.


Combination of constant current and voltage compensation

To achieve high quality weld in Zinc coated sheets.

Combination of constant current and voltage compensation is available. Multiple heats and pulsation are also available.


Suitable for spot & Projection Built-in Spot & Job counter

2 separate Displays for Spot & Job count, this helps to monitor production quantity at any given time.


Table for AC Welding Controller TNS-815 V2

Features Parameters Specifications
Basic Frame Channel 15 Channel
Squeezing System 2 Systems
Heating Step 2 Steps
Sequence Step 6 Steps
Time Set Heating Time -1 / -2 0-99 Cycles
Other Step Time Set 0-99 Cycles
Pulsation Control 0-99 Cycles
Current-Up Slope 0-29 Cycles
Current-Down-Slope 0-29 Cycles
Current Controls Welding Current (Secondary) 2.0-49.9kA
Current Range (Secondary) Max.5.0 – 49.9kA
Constant Current Response Time 0.5 cycles
Constant Current Response Speed 0.5 cycles
Constant Current / Voltage Compensation Control Equipped
Current Detector Coil WDC 550
Monitoring Function Constant Current Monitor ±5%
Full-Heat Check Under Voltage Compensation
Coolant Check Thyristor Coolant Level
Welding Power Check Monitoring Welding Power
Thyristor Short-Circuit Detection Welding Power Check
Counter Spot Counter 0 ~ 99 Units
Job Counter 0 ~ 9999 Units
External Input / Output Heating Interlock Output Solid-State Circuit
Off time Output One Make-Contact
Alarm Output One Make-Contact


• Current not consistency  • Change new controller • Working Smooth
• Part rejection very high • With secondary detector coil • Good output quality
• Worry of welding quality • Old machine parts service  • Constant current output

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TSM-Resistance Welding Machine_1605201406 (Controller)