Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply – IPB5000A-MU

  • Four control modes for process optimization
  • for part manufacturing tolerances
  • GOOD / NO GOOD determination signals
  • if weld was successful providing instant
  • feedback
  • Displacement measurement indicates the
  • amount of collapse the material exhibits
  • during the weld
  • Envelope feature – allows users to set
  • dynamic profile of limits around a setting


The IPB-5000A-MU inverter resistance welding power supply delivers superior welding control for a wide range of microjoining applications.  When paired with the ITB-780A6 transformer this unit is capable of a maximum output of 6000 Amps, making it ideal for most resistive and conductive welding applications. It operates in constant current, voltage or power feedback modes and is also capable of welding in a combo mode (current and voltage) to address even the most challenging application or process conditions.

Four different models provide a flexible range of input power, 200-240, and 380-480 VAC, and are available with or without the displacement option.

IPB-5000A-MU may be used in conjunction with one of our many weld heads as a single operator benchtop unit and is well-suited for integration into semi or fully automated resistance welding systems.  AMADA MIYACHI specializes in designing and building fully integrated, semi-automated and fully automated resistance spot welding machines.  See our Integrated Systems brochure for more information.

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