Kickless Cable

• Extremely long life and low cost.

• Almost no water pressure drop for excellent cooling.

• Low impedance.

• High power factor.

• Minimal kick.

• High flexibility.

• Minimal down time during cable replacement.

• Less electricity used per individual weld due to superlative conductivity.

• High conductivity terminals used. These terminals are reusable.



• A swaged copper pipe connector is used to minimize bending concentrated at the conductor and prevent disconnections. This is because the twisting and turning of the gun that occurs during the welding operation causes bending in the cable that is concentrated at the base of the terminal on the gun. This bending could easily break the cable.

• There are three reason the KC-4C cable has a low impedance and a high power factor. (1) Materials with a high conductivity are used for the cable terminals. (2) The terminals are crimped onto the cable. (3) As a final step, they are also soldered to the cable.

• The cooling water that enters KC-4C cable first enters a holding chamber and then flows to the plus and minus sides. As a result, the water pressure does not fall and excellent cooling is achieved.

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• KC-4C cable adopts a special twisting method that prevents the individual wires from crossing and rubbing against each other. This is to prevent reduction of cooling efficiency and cable breakage due to individual wire strand breakage during use for extended periods.


• The reason KC-4C cables are so flexible is that the positive and negative conductors are completely separated by their insulator tubes so that plenty of space is provided between the conductors and the outer hose. Furthermore, since mild stainless steel hose clamps are used, these clamps are powerful and maintain a fixed clamping pressure. Thus there is no need to worry about water leaking from the cables.


KC-4C Kickless Cable Specification

Item Cable Size Remark
150sq 200sq
Impedance (25ºC   50Hz) 2.0m 480±15µΩ 358±20µΩ Test method by JIS C9318
2.4m 593±15µΩ 445±20µΩ
Resistance (DC) 2.0m 475µΩ 355µΩ
2.4m 587µΩ 440µΩ
Reactance 2.0m 69µΩ 46µΩ Measured by Calculation
2.4m 84µΩ 66µΩ
Power Factor = 0.99
Cooling Water Quantity 7L/min Pressure Loss 0.7kg/cm2
Temperature Rise 2.0m 45ºC/5900A 45ºC/6800A
2.4m 45ºC/5400A 45ºC/6200A
Total Weight 2.0m 10.4kg 13.2kg Average Figure
2.4m 12.2kg 15.3kg


Accessories for KC-4C Kickless Cable

1. Kickless Cable

2. Water Cooled Jumber Cable

3. G Type Terminal

4. I Type Terminal

5. H Type Terminal

6. Kickless bolt with Insulator

7. Trans-terminal bolt with Insulator


These bands are used to hang Kickless cables. Inside is made by rubber, which prevents the cable surface from hurt. Moreover, the wide breath protects outer circumference and protects from any change in shape.

Secondary Cable Union Band






Insulating tube (Cotton contained Bake)

Bolt Dia Parts Code No. D1 d2 L
M6 6 1P x 50 9.0 6.5 50
M8 8 1P x 50  11.0 8.5 50
M10 10 1P x 50 14.0  11.0  50
M12 12 1P x 50 16.0 13.0 50


Insulating washer (Cotton contained Bake)

Bolt Dia Parts Code No. D1 Ø d2 Ø t 1
M6 61W 15 6.5 2.0
M8 81W 20 8.5 2.0
M10 101W 24 11.0 2.0
M12 121W 28 13.0 2.0


This is used to tie Kickless cable or Two line type cables, air pressure hoses and cooling hoses.

This also works to prevent the shock on the cables when welding.