Nut Checker with Insulator Case (How to Use Nut Checker)

Name and method of assembly

Point to be checker before use

  • The center of Upper and Lower electrodes needs to be in line within 0.5mm and make sure not to be angled. If electrodes are misaligned more than 1 mm, it may cause a misalignment of nut.
  • Check the condition of electrode cooling. There are possibilities of loss of Nut Checker and poor insulation due to burn out of insulator or O ring.
  • Check if outside diameter of upper electrode is within +0.1 -0mm of Nut Checker size. If the diameter is bigger, it is difficult to assemble Nut Checker which may cause a loss of Nut Checker. (It is also possible to manufacture Nut Checker to meet the used electrode size. Please consult with us.)


Check Out

  A) Main body of Nut Checker
 a) No energization and No mark of electricalcorrosion on the edge of bottom
 b) No harmful damage at inlet of nut
 c) No harmful damage on overall of Nut Checker
  B) Insulator
 d) No harmful damage at inlet of nut
 e) No stain inside Nut Checker
  C) O Ring   f) No abnormal assembly is accepted

Selection chart of Nut Checker 

* Please supply sample nut at the time of placing your purchase order. Suitable size of Nut Checker will be selected.