Nut Checker with Insulator Case

Detection of poor feeding of weld nut-Purge of sliding nut and reversed side nut

Low cost! Easy! Accurate!

Detect poor feeding of weld nut. Only assembling Nut Checker onto Upper Electrode. No wiring and piping are required.

  • Nut Checker directly detects Nut sliding, Reversed side, Stand up and No nut and does not allow start welding.
  • Nut Checker has an ability to work with Robot, Automated machines, and Standard machines.
  • Detection is carried out mechanically. That’s mean no worries are necessary for failure.
  • Nut Checker can be automatically controlled when using with automatic monitoring system for Projection nut.


  • Nut Checker detects mistakes so that anyone can operate machine.
  • No damage is created on work when mistake founds.
  • One touch assembly is possible for any machines.
  • No matter what shape of electrodes.



  • Welding does not start when mistake is found.
  • Please output error by the no current signal from welder.


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