Robot Gun SRA166/210-01A

World Class Speed Robot

• Robot motion makes minimum cycle times unbeatable. Light weight and highly rigid design results in high acceleration and minimum vibration. Maximum speed on all axes reduces move time. All this provides dramatically improved productivity.

Superior Spot Welding Capability

• Industry leading advanced servo gun software feature and technologies.

SRA robot ease of use improves the bottom line

• Improved drives and motors for accurate positioning and better repeatability.

• Compact design allows closer installation in less floor space.

Improved energy efficiency

• Power consumption reduced 15% from existing models by reducing the robot’s weight by 20% and using cutting edge motor drive controls.

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Robot Specifications

Item Specifications
Robot Model SRA166-01A SRA210-01A
Structure Atriculated Construction
Number of axes 6
Drive system AC servo system
Max.operating area Arm J1 Swivel ±3.14 rad (±180º)
J2 Forward/backward +1.05~-1.40 rad (+60º~-80º)
J3 Upward/downward +2.62~-2.56 rad (+150º~-146.5º)
Wrist J4 Rotation 2 ±3.67 rad (±210º)
J5 Bending ±2.09 rad (±120º)
J6 Rotation 1 ±3.58 rad (±205º)
Max.velocity Arm J1 Swivel 2.18 rad/s (125º/s) 2.01 rad/s (115º/s)
J2 Forward/backward 2.01 rad/s (115º/s) 1.83 rad/s (105º/s)
J3 Upward/downward 2.11 rad/s (121º/s) 1.97 rad/s (113º/s)
Wrist J4 Rotation 2 3.14 rad/s (180º/s) 2.44 rad/s (140º/s)
J5 Bending 3.02 rad/s (173º/s) 2.32 rad/s (133º/s)
J6 Rotation 1 4.54 rad/s (260º/s) 3.49 rad/s (200º/s)
Payload Wrist 166kg 210kg
Forearm*1 15kg (maximum 60kg)
Allowable static load torque J4 Rotation 2 951N•m 1337N•m
J5 Bending 951N•m 1337N•m
J6 Rotation 1 490N•m 720N•m
MAx allowable moment of inertia*2 J4 Rotation 2 88.9kg•m² 141.1kg•m²
J5 Bending 88.9kg•m² 141.1kg•m²
J6 Rotation 1 45.0kg•m² 79.0kg•m²
Position repeatability*3 ±0.1 mm ±0.15 mm
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 45ºC
Installation Floor Mounted
Robot mass 1060 kg 1090 kg

1[rad] = 180/π[°],   1[N•m] = 1/9.8[kgf•m]

*1 : Load specification of number 1 arm varies according to wrist load conditions and installation position.

*2 : Note that the allowable moment of inertia of wrist varies with the wrist load conditions.

*3 : JIS B 8432 compliant.

Exterior Dimensions and Operating Envelope


* Data shown in  for SRA210-01A.

* The diagram below shows specifications for cable support (A-Trac4) installed on the arm of a spot welding robot.

– The specification are subject to changes without notice.

– In case that an end user uses this product for military purpose or production of weapon, this product may be liable for the subject of export restriction stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Please go through careful investigation and necessary formalities for export.