Transcerse Type Internal Water-Cooled

  • This type is applicable for mild-steel and not only zinc-coated but also various galvanized steel.
  • Because of Internal water-cooled method, external water, cooling is not necessary thus clean working environment can be obtained.
  • “Because the electrode is thin, a high quality welding with narrow bead can be implemented.”
  • The surface of the electrode is always dressed and forged by the driving knurl.
  • The upper and lower electrodes are driven by knurl method through diferential gear.


    Model     RCK-115W  RCK-155W
      Rated capacity kVA 115 155
      Rated Input Voltage V 1 0200/400
      Rated frequency Hz 50 60 50 60
      Max.input kVA 115 138 155 185
      Max.Welding Current A 20.000 23.000
      Max Electrode Force N 5880
      Rated Duty Cycle % 30
      Throat Throat Depth mm 350
    Throat Opening mm 90
      Stroke Normal Stroke Normal  mm 20
    Stroke Full  mm 120
      Welding Speed (by standard size) m/min 1.2 – 5.0
      Electrode drive method Upper / Lower Knurl drive
      Electrode size Upper / Lower mm 250 x 8t
      Amount of Cooling water L/min 40
      Mass kg 1,300
      Dimensions mm 1,950 x 970 x 1,1310
      Max. Welding Capacity mm 1.6 t x 2
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