Transistor Micro Spot Welding Machine SEW-500A


  • Transistor Spot Welder, which is widely use in electronic industry, applies to the welding of electronic parts, fine line and panel made of various metals.
  • Adjustable cylinder stroke, unique design pressurizing mechanism, fast welding and adjustable welding time, small and underformed welds on the surface of welded materials.
  • LCD meter, easy adjustment of welding voltage, clear display of required voltage.
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Model Input Power Rated Frequency Max Output Pressure Operate Welding Tickness Weight
SEW-500A 240V 50/60 Hz 300 W.S 0~10 kg Pneumatic Type 0.30+0.30 55kg
SEW-500A5 240V 50/60 Hz 500 W.S 0~10 kg Pneumatic Type 0.50+0.50 55kg