Transverse Type Low Input


• Because it is constructed with low-impedance Welding Transformer, the input capacity is small thus electric power can be saved.

• In case of material change to be welded, gear or knurl drive method can be selected.

• In case of small R-part welding, small-diameter electrode and lower gear drive method can be adopted


Model RCK-100A RCG-100A
 Rated capacity kVA 100 100
 Rated Input Voltage V 1 0200/400
 Rated frequency Hz 50 60 50 60
 Max.input kVA 100 115 100 115
 Max.Welding Current A 20,000
 Rated Duty Cycle % 40
 Max.Electrode force N 5,880
 Throat Throat Depth mm 250
  Throat Opening mm 125
 Stroke Normal Stroke Normal  mm 20
Stroke Full  mm 120
 Welding Speed (by standard size) m/min 0.8-2.7 1.0-3.3 1.0-3.4 1.2-4.0
 Electrode drive method  Upper/Lower knurl drive  Upper gear drive
 Electrode wheel Upper oXt 0250 x 12t
Lower oXt 0200 x 12t
 Amount of cooling water L/min 35
 Mass kg 820
 Dimensions mm 1.950 x 720 x 1,300
 Max.Welding Capacity mm 1.6t x 2

(1) In addition to the above 3 phase 200v (about 1.5kVA) is necessary for motor drive.

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