TSM AC Inverter Welding Machine

  • Capacitance Energy Storage Spot Welder, charge & discharge welding, the energy stored in the capacitor releases on the welding transformer instantly to produce high current. Saving electricity, small required power capacity, reducing cost, unaffected by power voltage drop, suitable for the welding of low-impedance materials such as aluminum, brass, nickel alloy, copper wire, silver tipped contact and capacitor.
  • A short full  discharge  time  of  0.003 second  with  a small consumption of electrode and a stable welding quality.


Inverter controlled A.C Spot Welder / Projection Welder

Super Inverter Mesa AIT series

  • The scattering scorch decreases sharply.
  • Effecting reduce the voltage fluctuation and decreasing of electrode dressing
  • Dissolve the partial wearing of electrode dressing.
  • Dissolve the power supply unrest by three-phase low input balance load.

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