Two-Point Electrodes


  • Welding operation considerably speed up.
  • As it spring type, electrodes are easy get accustomed to work-pieces.
    That gives great effect to the balance between pressure force and welding electric current.
  • Welding pitch becomes stable ehich enables welding in high quality.


Table for Two-Point Electrodes

Unit: mm                                                                Material: CRCu (Chromium Copper)

 Product code No.  A   ØD   Ød 
WH – 40 40
WH – 40 45
WH – 40 50
WH – 40 55
WH – 40 60


Outline of Electrodes


Example of two-point spot welding

1. Please inform us welding pich, Horn size and electrode bar size when placing order.

2. Please also inform us the work-piece material type and the surface-treated steel sheet type.

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