Wire Spot Welder and Compactor – MC-1301

  • Ceramic jaws hold parts during the welding operation producing a solid fused weld joint
  • Mechanism is designed for easy setup and maintenance
  • Closed loop spot welder
  • Water Cooled Electrodes
  • Inverter or AC weld transformer integrated into head package


Why compact your wires?

  1. Wire compacting is ideal for creating a solid fused joint – particularly for stranded wires.
  2. Compacting creates a very reliable connection as compared to a mechanical connection like crimping
  3. Compacting wires makes it  easier to ensure connection
  4. Wire compacting is good if you want reliably join multiple elements of wire
  5. In some instances, compacting can burn off the insulation before fusing wires

AMADA MIYACHI’S MC-1301 spot welder / wire compactor’s unique compacting mechanism creates a solid fused joint with single or multiple parts. Tungsten electrodes produce the weld heat and ceramic tooling inserts compact the flow of metal from the sides. May be integrated with either AC or inverter resistance welding controls.  Stacked cylinder design permits a wide range of force control.

MC-1301 may be used in conjunction with one of our many weld heads as a single operator benchtop unit and is well-suited for integration into semi or fully automated resistance welding systems.  AMADA MIYACHI specializes in designing and building fully integrated, semi-automated and fully automated resistance spot welding machines.