Standard Drawing

Save space, time, and money with this convenient attachment

  • No need to buy expensive butt welder
  • Can use only by installing ordinary spot welder
  • Small, simple and cheap
  • Easy to install, de install and adjust
  • Workspace is large so we can process with many work forms as well as dimensions
  • Can have many various styles of butt welding by changing electrodes (straight lines, curved lines, T-joints, L-joints, ball on wire end, etc)
  • Can make misalignment of welding become smaller by simple and unique anti-sliding
  • Device utilizing elastic deformation
  • Cycle time is shorter than an ordinary butt welder because clamping and upsetting are performed at the same time by pressing action of spot welder
  • Welding qualities are particularly stable with small wire sizes (less than 3mm dia.)


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  • Workable wire diameter
  • Working conditions (mild steel wire)

Welding current

Welding time

Electrode force

  • Fitting spot welder

Air-operated type with electrically controlled timer

Electrode force

Electrode holder diameter

*Optional 32mm and 31.7mm dia. sleeves are available

Arm gap between top and bottom

  • Weight

1.5 – 7.0mm dia.


Wire dia. X 1000A

Wire dia. X cycles

Wire dia. 80kgf


more than 350kgf

choice of 25mm or 25.4mm dia.



more than 260mm



Example of Electrode shapes for goods to be welded