Service Overview

TSM’s Onsite Preventive Maintenance Service provides the following on-site service activities as set forth more specifically in this document (the “Service Description”) The On-Site Preventive Maintenance service is only available for purchase at the point of sales. All services included within the onsite preventive maintenance service will be tied to customer system and is not transferable between systems.

The Preventive Maintenance service provides on-site preventative care for Resistance Welding Machine(s). The service will be provided on a schedule either yearly, semi-annually or on a quarterly basis. A TSM certified engineer will be sent to the customer’s site and to conduct preventative care to ensure customer’s system(s) is in accordance to specifications.

On-site Preventive Maintenance service includes:-
  1. Yearly, semi-annually or four-times yearly visit on site as purchased by the customer and stated on the Invoice
  2. Performing TSM output current diagnostic test on machine(s)
  3. Pneumatic device(s) and Seal(s) inspection and cleaning.
  4. Re-filling Pneumatic lubricant oil or grease
  5. Perform copper/cable conductivity inspection and cleaning.
  6. Water flow inspection and clean if necessary
  7. Basic cleaning of machine (exterior only)
  8. Ensure the Controller and firing device are functioning and clean if necessary.
  9. Provide a inspection-check result to customer
  10. Provide list of damaged or expired component(s), price of the component will quote accordingly.
  11. Advice on the weld quality and machine conditions

In the event TSM or TSM designated Service Provider is directed to perform services or activities that are outside the scope of this Service Description, TSM will request an approved work order. The activities and pricing will be addressed either in an approved work order or a customized statement of work.

Not included with this preventive maintenance service:-
  1. Repair or change of neither product(s) nor application(s) or any activity not specifically described in this Service Description.
  2. This service does not include any controller software repair; installation or configuration other than may be specifically noted below.
  3. Any recovery or transfer of welding condition data.
  4. Re-configuring existing transformer ratio.
  5. Warranty service or support for third party systems.
  6. Troubleshooting of input power cable, circuit breaker and MCCB
  7. Troubleshooting of third party automation system attached (such as PLC, Relay logic system).
  8. Controller configuration or any kind.
  9. Install or removal of machine parts to or from machine
  10. Transfer of machine parts
  11. Disaster recovery
  12. Any activity not specifically set forth in this Service Description.
Customer’s Responsibilities:-

A. Prior to TSM arriving on site

  1. Provide the Machine brand and serial number
  2. Provide model type/numbers of the machine
  3. Identify location of the system requiring preventative maintenance
  4. Enquire that TSM is provided 24 hours notice if you wish to rearrange your appointment, otherwise additional charges may apply

B. During the on-site service:

  1. Provide a single point-of-contact to work with the TSM Technician
  2. Ensure that the point of contact is available to assist the TSM Technician with information necessary to complete the task herein.
  3. Provide a safe and suitable working environment for the delivery of this Service.
  4. Provide appropriate access to buildings, security escorts, and access to parking facility (at no charge) during the performance of the Service.
TSM’s Responsibilities:
  1. Contact the customer to schedule the preventative maintenance on site visit in accordance to services purchased.
  2. Conduct the preventative maintenance service in accordance to the standard specifications.
  3. Provide an inspection-check result to customer as a result of a complete preventive maintenance service.

Important Additional Information

Claims of Confidentiality or Proprietary Rights. Customer agrees that any information or data disclosed or sent to TSM, over the telephone, electronically or otherwise, is not confidential or proprietary toCustomer. This Service Description is subject to and supplements the terms and conditions of any applicable overriding signed agreement between Customer and TSM, and in the absence of such an agreement, TSM’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, Service and Technical Support, which are attached. In the event of a conflict between this document and such terms and conditions, this document shall prevail. TSM reserves the right to make improvements or changes to this document and the products services described at any time, without notice or obligation.


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